Repair of a P2s "look leather" wrap


Well, I have been working on a wrap machine for a while and some tests has been done - no not

on Irish linen but stacked leather wrap. The reason for this is that I personally enjoy leather much more than the linen, so I needed to get this going to change the grip on my own

OB Cue model 308.

After a couple of tries on scrap cues, I finally had the trust in my own work to accept work from a

friend which basically payed me a little to change his grip on a P2 - "Curly maple" which he owned.

You can bellow see the transformation,progress and result. I spent 7 hours on this cue before I was happy and the work pressure was on, as he delivered it one evening and wanted it back the day

after! Some long evenings was the solution....

First look of the "leather" used on the cue! As I hope you can see, this is a small plastic surface which covers a very soft backing to make it feel like - leather.

A different view

The look of the wrap as received.

After sanding the plastic cover off. Note the "cotton" texture. Close up bellow.

Close up. This backing was a VERY thick mixture of glue and a woven gray mesh which I guess is some kind of "sock".

On top of this the brown cotton look-a-like layer.  

Trying to get this off was a pain in a certain

place and was for sure a big part of the extra hours !

First look of the spliced grip area. Still some yellow glue left but this was finished afterwards.

The stacked leather wrap is put on and this is just after painful job of wrapping. No treatment of the leather has been done.

Leather is 3mm thick, which is smaller than the normal wrap you can buy. It makes the job harder and takes more time but I like the result.

The new grip after completion  including all the magic tricks  :-)

The completed cue.

The owner was very happy with the result and loved the smell of new stacked leather wrap.

He felt the wrap was nicely blended to the color of the cue and according to his own taste.

He helped me with the judgement of the color and did actually finnish the last coloring him self :-)